Science Support Available

Tami Plein

Rosemary Peck

Great Prairie AEA Science Specialists, Tami Plein and Rosemary Peck, are here to help schools provide high-quality instruction in science for your students. Science Literacy Services include: Iowa Core curriculum development, alignment, assessment, instructional strategies, and resources; support for professional learning communities and data teams; inquiry science, backwards design lesson planning, and formative assessment professional development; kit-based science instruction; district/school-site instructional strategies assistance & follow-up; walk-through support and classroom visits.

Please contact to schedule a meeting or if you need any assistance:

Tami Plein, or 800-382-8970, ext. 1162
Rosemary Peck, or 319-385-9005, ext. 3012

Science areas of focus:

  1. Support Iowa Core Literacy. Science is a great place to help teach for transfer.  “…when literacy skills are linked to science content, students have a personal and practical motivation to master language as a tool that can help them answer their questions about the world around them” (Thier, 2002).  Research indicates that using an interdisciplinary or integrated curriculum provides opportunities for more relevant, less fragmented, and more stimulating experiences for learners.
  2. Iowa Core Science Standards.  Have you been following the current development of the Next Generation Science standards?  Iowa is one of the leading states and has pledged to give “serious consideration to adopting the resulting Next Generation Science Standards as presented.”  These standards look quite different from the current Iowa Core standards in not only their format, but with the inclusion of engineering practices.  If your district is in the process of developing/revisiting your science curriculum, it is a good idea to have your teachers contact Rosemary and Tami to help you with this process.

Quick Facts: Do your science teachers know…?

  • In the Iowa Core English Language Arts legislation there is a separate section on reading and writing standards for science?
  • Iowa is one of 26 lead states that have pledged to give “serious consideration to adopting the resulting Next Generation Science Standards as presented”?
  • The public will have another opportunity to provide input into the Next Generation Science Standards Fall of 2012?
  • There is an email list serve available through GPAEA that provides information concerning science-related grad and relicensure classes, student enrichment opportunities, grants, and resources?
  • Only 1.5% of 25-34 year-olds in the workplace gained a higher education degree in a science related field, putting the U.S. in the bottom third of all OECD countries? (April 2012 report from the Jobs Council to the President)

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