Apply for STEM Scale-Up Programs NOW!

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To help improve learner interest and achievement in STEM area, 12 STEM programs were selected through a competitive process to be “scaled-up” in Iowa. Our state has been divided into six regions each headquartered by a “Hub.” Each Hub houses a Regional Manager and an Advisory Board, and it is their job to get these great programs into the hands of educators and learners within their regions. 

Briefly, the programs span elementary, middle and high school levels; many can be implemented during the school day while several of the others are best suited for before or after-school programs; some programs provide either stipends for teachers/coaches or curriculum materials or both; and many of the programs also provide a level of training related to the provided materials.  Attached you will find a short summary of each of the 12 programs with a link to their respective websites.

The scale-up programs will be awarded to local educators, both formal and informal, on a competitive basis. A brief application follows. [Please note this is not a monetary grant application. All financial arrangements are taken care of by the Regional Managers.] A scoring rubric follows the application, for your information.

The application deadline is September 14, 2012. Selected applicants will be notified by October 1, 2012, and can immediately commence implementation. Applications are done online at:

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