2012 Sixth Grade Area Math Bee Student Winners

The Great Prairie AEA Sixth Grade Math Bee was held Friday April 13, 2012 at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center in Fairfield, Iowa.  The event involved 47 teams from 21 school districts within the Great Prairie AEA region. There were 205 students participating on the building level teams including their team alternates.  The test covers six different areas: Number Sense & Estimation; Patterns & Functions; Geometry& Measurement; Probability & Statistics; Ratio, Proportion & Percent; and a Team Problem Solving Round.

2012 Individual Winners

Individual Winners:

Individual Place Name School
1st Jackson Brown Morning Sun Elementary
2nd C.J. Dupuis Holy Trinity Elementary
3rd Derek Walker Eddyville Elementary
in top 10 KJ McCrea Eddyville Elementary
in top 10 Harrison Mock Eddyville Elementary
in top 10 Collin Thornton Holy Trinity Elementary
in top 10 Grady Orwig Evans Middle School
in top 10 Carleigh Cass Central Lee Middle School
in top 10 Wyatt Rokosz Central Lee Middle School
In top 10 Tylor Durbin Fremont Elementary/Middle School
Top Alternate Ethan Ziser Aldo Leopold Middle School

Top Alternate

Each AEA in Iowa sends the top 10% of their competing teams to the State Competition.  The State Sixth Grade Math Bee is scheduled Friday April 27, 2012 and will be held in Fort Dodge.

The five teams from Great Prairie AEA eligible to participate in the 2012 State Sixth Grade Math Bee include:  Eddyville Elementary (1st place team), Holy Trinity Elementary (2nd place team), Evan Middle School in Ottumwa, Lakeview Elementary in Centerville, and Central Lee Middle School.

Eddyville-Blakesburg Community School District – Eddyville Elementary
Teacher: Donna Bohlmann

Eddyville-Blakesburg Community School District

Derek Walker
KJ McCrea
Harrison Mock
Justin Marshall
Kathryn Gutch -ALTERNATE

Holy Trinity Schools – Holy Trinity Elementary
Teacher: Linda Peitz

Holy Trinity Elementary

Aden Alfred
C.J. Dupuis
Conrad Hellman
Collin Thornton

Ottumwa Community School District – Evans Middle
Teacher: Angie Sheets

Ottumwa Community School District - Evans Middle

Jace McCrory
Bron Bjerke-No release
Addison Coram
Grady Orwig

Centerville Community School District – Lakeview Elementary
Teacher: Diane Mueller

Centerville Community School District - Lakeview Elementary

Bob Wiskus
Kris Papa
Aryc Huff
Lucas Hand

Central Lee Community School District – Central Lee Middle
Teacher: Kathy Van Winkle (not pictured); Heather Fuger, Curriculum Director

Central Lee Community School District - Central Lee Middle

Evan Doyle
Wyatt Rokosz
Harlan Steffensmeier
Aaron Wills

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