Honoring our School Social Workers

A March is School Social Work Month Great Prairie Area Education Agency school social workers are highly skilled and licensed mental health professionals who serve our students in so many ways to develop their full potential. They also work directly with special needs students, as well as students with disabilities, giving each individual attention and guidance to assist them academically and socially.

Our school social workers serve as a link between students’ families and the school, working with parents, guardians, teachers, and other school officials to ensure that students achieve academically and personally.

Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. Our world grows increasingly more complicated and stressful every day. School social workers deal with these stressful situations that affect students emotionally and behaviorally. They are always available to provide information, referrals, develop and monitor instructional plans and behavior intervention plans, and they evaluate the data as a team with the schools. Our school social workers are knowledgeable about a variety of community resources and services, and can coordinate and facilitate access to those resources.

Great Prairie AEA school social workers are relationship builders who identify strengths to facilitate individualized change, and we recognize and appreciate all they are doing to improve the lives of our students. To learn more about the difference our team of school social workers make, visit our website.

Photo: GPAEA School Social Worker Nancy Gutman (pictured above) with Sunnyside Elementary student, Sean.

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