Iowa AEA Online Database Focus: Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is not one of the new databases for 2011-12, but has huge implications for your school’s professional growth using technology.  When we added Atomic Learning a few years ago, the focus was on tutorials – short video clips that showed you how to add columns in an Excel file, insert images into PPTs, and answer other questions on Office, InDesign, PhotoShop, Googledocs, Clicker4, ActivInspire, Kurzweil and many more applications.  There are 50,000 step-by-step technology tutorials including topics such as podcasting, Netbooks, iPads, and Facebook to name just a few.

But, it can do so much more!

Educator Accounts
Every teacher in GPAEA has an individual Educator account with Atomic Learning.  This simple step allows you to plan and implement small groups, grade level groups, building or district level groups to learn as a team about using technology and 21st century skills.

Staff members with Admin Rights for your building can set up assessments, schedule assigned or recommended training.  Each individual Educator has access to his own ePortfolio.  Plus, this year only, Atomic Learning will also help you set up student accounts, for free.  Currently, the students can take a 24 or 48-assessment survey, but with individual accounts, they also have more functionality on the site.

Your individual Educator account is based on your SNAP UN/PW.  Your district may be interested in adding additional admin rights to more teachers.  Please see your media/tech staff for more information!

Lesson Planning
Atomic Learning features projects, workshops and lessons.  One example from the section on 21st Century Skills, Cyberbullying, No Way, Not Me, is a project on using blogs.

The teacher resources include handouts, step by step planning and video links for all technology.

Assistive Tech resources are also included in our collection and you can search by standards, both Common Core and the NETS standards.

Atomic Learning has two types of assessments.

  • Tech Skills Assessment for students based on ISTE NETS-S 2007
  • 21st Century Skills Assessment for teachers based on ISTE NETS-T 2008 — a 40-question assessment from a rotating bank provides an indication of 21st century skills knowledge.

Pre and post testing, plus a simple ten-point self-assessment can help your staff and students reach goals for their own learning.

Spotlight Menu
In 2011, they have just added their Spotlight Menu, which features the following topics –

  • Collaborating with a Global Community
  • Creating Engaging Presentations
  • Effective Online Teaching and Learning
  • Engaging with Interactive Whiteboards
  • Evaluating Web Resources
  • Supporting Accessible Instruction
  • Video Storytelling in the Classroom

All of which provide detailed material (in the Atomic Learning way with short video clips) on how we can reach these objectives through four areas – Build your understanding / Put this concept into Practice / Reflect and Apply / and Access to Reference Tools.  See this in action through the Spotlight on Effective Online Teaching & Learning at

Kristin Steingreaber, GPAEA Media Specialist

800-382-8970 ext. 5265

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