Parent & Educator Connection Program (PEC)

The Parent & Educator Connection (PEC) would like to share with you the services we offer to help make your year a positive and productive one.  The PEC is part of a statewide network of parents and educators working together since 1984 to support educators and parents of children and young adults with special needs.

The PEC provides one-on-one assistance to parents or educators when there is a need for information or direct support. We provide information through our library on topics including disabili­ties, parenting, and instructional and behavior management strategies. The PEC shares information about community resources and supports with parents and educators as requests are made.

Support of the IEP or IFSP Process
One of the primary ways the PEC serves parents and educators is by supporting good home-school communication.  This includes providing support to families so that they can more effectively participate in the IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) or IEP (Individual Education Plan) process.  This may include:

  • Explaining IFSP/IEP process
  • Reviewing procedural safeguards/parent rights
  • Helping parents organize their thoughts in preparing for a meeting
  • Attending IFSP/IEP or other school meetings after being asked by the school, parents or AEA staff

Newsletters will be distrib­uted two times this school year to parents of children who have an IEP or an IFSP.   School adminis­trators, special education teachers, AEA staff and our community part­ners will receive an electronic version of the newsletter.

Our hope is that the newsletters are helpful to families, educators and community partners by providing information on topics of interest and activities within GPAEA. We understand that with such a broad audience there may be some topics that pertain to your situation and some that are less relevant. We ask you to glance through each issue, check out the calendar of upcoming events and learning opportunities, and see what meets your needs.

Annette Clarahan, Parent Educator Coordinator
(800) 622-0027 ext. 5517

Parent & Educator Connection website

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