Early ACCESS Looks at Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction

Early ACCESS is a partnership between families with young children, birth to age three, and providers from the Departments of Education, Public Health, Human Services, and the Child Health Specialty Clinics in the state of Iowa. The purpose of this system is for families and staff to work together in identifying, coordinating and providing needed services and resources that will help the family assist their infant or toddler to grow and develop.  In Great Prairie Area Education Agency, Early ACCESS service providers are looking closely at practices and tools that are being used in order to ensure that children and families are able to make desired improvements.

Great Prairie Early ACCESS staff members across the Agency have recently begun to use the Developmental Assessment of Young Children (DAYC) in the Early ACCESS evaluation and assessment process to identify developmental delays or deficits in children who may benefit from early intervention.  Another tool that service providers are learning to use is the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) and AEPS Interactive (AEPSi).  The AEPS and AEPSi are particularly valuable in guiding discussions regarding desired child outcomes, planning for instruction, and monitoring progress.  Data gathered using the AEPS and AEPSi will also prove to be useful when transitioning children out of Early ACCESS at age three.

With the need for increased accountability, the use of these research based tools and practices are key to meeting child, family, school district and AEA needs.  It is another effort to improve the quality of services provided by Great Prairie Early ACCESS.

Linda Boshart, Early ACCESS Regional Liaison
(800) 382-8970 ext. 3025

GPAEA Early Childhood Webpage

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